Investing in Condominiums – Pros and Cons

So you are considering the purchase of a condominium. You want to know if this is a good idea for you. As with any type of home purchase there are good points and bad points. In this article we shall look at a few of each as they relate to owning a condo.

First of all you must decide if you really want to live in a condo for the rest of your life. If you have a large family and/or a lot of pets, a condo is NOT a good place for you. Remember a condominium is essentially an Continue reading “Investing in Condominiums – Pros and Cons”

Negotiating The Best Deal for Your Office Space

Leasing an office space for your business can be challenging if you have never done it before.

Leasing a new office space generally requires you to locate a handful of spaces that can work for your company and then measuring them against each other so that you can maximize your negotiating position. Even if there is one particular space you really want to lease, be mindful that the more options you have, the more leverage you maintain. Don’t get emotionally vested to any particular space early on and save yourself the Continue reading “Negotiating The Best Deal for Your Office Space”

Top 5 Ways to Save Energy at Home

1. Switch to Energy-efficient Lights and Fans

One of the most effective and simplest ways to reduce your energy bills is to switch over the lighting of your home to fluorescent bulbs. Skeptics have been raising concerns about the safe environmental disposal of these bulbs due to their mercury content. However, if you follow proper disposal instructions, this concern becomes addressed fully.

A single fluorescent bulb can produce light equivalent to an incandescent Continue reading “Top 5 Ways to Save Energy at Home”

5 Important Things Every Condo Should Have

The demand for condos is still high and a good number of developers are making them available to meet with the market demands. New condos come with better amenities, units and benefits and they are not really equal. Some are better than others, but there are things or features that you can use to be sure that the condo you are interested in is really worth the money you are going to spend on it.

1. Good location Continue reading “5 Important Things Every Condo Should Have”

Top Tips for Buying a New Build Luxury Condo

For many people, investing in a new build property can be extremely exciting, with the possibility of tailoring it to exactly what they want proving very appealing. With the option of customizing floor plans and selecting luxury finishes, for many watching their new condo being created before their very eyes can be a thrilling experience.

On the other hand, some people find it difficult to invest their hard earned money into a property which is not yet compete. There can be many Continue reading “Top Tips for Buying a New Build Luxury Condo”